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Working Sample to try out Docker Swarm on Windows 10 — February 25, 2016

Working Sample to try out Docker Swarm on Windows 10

Please try out the excellent article Fun with Docker Swarm and Excellent working example on Swarm. Using the knowledge gained from these articles, I was able to get my swarm up and running on my windows 10 box using VirtualBox.

Note: Please make sure that the Docker Toolbox installation and virtual box are properly installed on windows. I have used the windows 10 and it worked well.

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Docker Swarm — February 1, 2016

Docker Swarm

Docker Swarm seems to be interesting in that we can expose a multi-host cloud platform having multiple docker containers and have a strategy to create containers within the swarm of containers based on multiple strategies. We could use the powerful docker client API and discovery services like Consul, etcd or zookeeper and do the entire development scaling out the architecture on demand which is what most companies would be dreaming off if it is possible to do it without big IT. Let’s investigate Docker Swarm in the next few posts.